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So we have met and discussed this unofficial tournament down by the admins and the details are as follows:

Teams have to be registered by 6pm, whereby the tourney tree will be locked in. (So tell any1 you know wanting to join)
There is a R100 entrance fee per team just as a bit of a money incentive to make sure teams who register participate. The overall winner will take all winnings. The admins have agreed to hold the prize money so please meet to hand in the entry fee's to the admins and your team name can be noted. Teams who have registered but not paid will be kicked from the participant list by 17:30.


Games will start at 6 and we hope to have a game played once an hour. Please post the match outcomes on the discussions page on the challonge.com site where you registered. The process of how games will be created and made is available also on the discussion section.

Group stages are BO1 and final BO3.

The format of the tournament is currently being adjusted to accommodate for 10 teams at the moment and will be communicated to you when it is ready and finalized.


For further details please add:





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