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FAQ's & Guidelines

DC Server

LAN DC Server Connection Details

Connecting IP Address and port is :

Client software download here 

Two Hubs will be made available:

blockbullets0 to 10GB shared (For Low Priority Gamers) with 3 Upload Slots 

blockbullets10GB GB and up (For High Priority Gamers) with 3 Upload Slots

As we all know it takes time to hash your files, it is a good idea to download one of the below clients before the LAN, become familiar with it, and begin file hashing, to avoid being placed in the low priority server until your share has increased to more than 10GB

We recommend using one of the following DC Client Apps:

blockbulletsDC++ (For Windows operating systems only) - Download

blockbulletsApexDC++ (For Windows operating systems only) - Download

blockbulletsStrongDC++ (For Windows operating systems only) - Download

blockbulletsMacDC++ (For Mac operating systems only) - Download

If you prefer something else, please feel free to use it, however the VC Crew may not support it if it gives issues.


blockbulletsWe will only allow one client per IP Address to connect. 

blockbulletsExternal Address's will not be allowed to connect.

blockbulletsProper gaming nick names should be used to identify each other!

File Sharing:

blockbulletsVC and NAG are not responsible for what you share, but keep in mind if we find you sharing your complete C drive, Pornographic, or any related data, we will ban you from using the network, some of this data is not recommended for the younger generation. 

blockbulletsVC and NAG also do not recommend sharing copy write protected media using this method.

Chatting on the Main Chat Channel

blockbulletsPlease be mindful on the language you use when chanting to others using the DC++ Server main chat channel, since we have a younger generation joining the server, and do not need parents asking us why we allowed this. If you obscene language becomes a problem, you will be banned.

Guides to setting up your DC Client

blockbulletsDownload and install one of the above clients.

blockbulletsOpen the DC Clients Settings Panel.

blockbulletsSetup your personal information and Line Speed (normally 100MBits/s).

blockbulletsIf you use a firewall (Windows or Antivirus), manually set your Connection to Passive and enter your DHCP IP Address in the External / WAN IP, otherwise leave it as so, as entering a new address every 8 hours, when your DHCP address renews becomes a tiresome effort.

blockbulletsSet up your Downloads and Directory folders, where there is sufficient space!

blockbulletsKeep in mind you need a need temporary space for unfinished downloads. So if you have another hard disc with 50GB laying around, it is recommend to setup a temporary folder there. This also gives your downloads a bit more performance, as file transfer really makes use of your disks mechanical resources.

blockbulletsSet your finished folder on a drive where you intend on storing your completed files.

blockbulletsLimit you’re downloads to only 6 at a time, any more will make your machine sluggish.

blockbulletsSetup your shares, by adding folders from your discs (Hashing files will now resume! – The more files and folders you share, the longer it will take to hash!)

blockbulletsClose the settings panel by clicking on the OK button,

There are many more options to go through, but we do not recommend setting anything unless you are an advanced user.

Connecting to the VC, NAG LAN Hub,

blockbulletsClick on File, and then select Quick Connect

blockbulletsIn the hub address box, enter the connecting address displayed on top of this page, and click ok

Using the DC Client (to follow shortly)


blockbulletsIf you cannot get your DC client to connect (to follow shortly)

blockbulletsIf you can connect, but cannot download or search (to follow shortly)

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