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NAG LAN Network Standards

Network Card Spec's:

We supply 1 UTP network fly lead at your table with 10/100 Half/Full Duplex connectivity. You are required to have a 1 functional UTP network card that supports : 10/100 Half/Full Duplex connectivity. All Network Supplied LAN Points have been painstakingly tested, before you arrived. Software Standard network drivers and the software allocated to that network card are permitted. IP / Share Scanning tools are banned in every way (Please guys be warned), we do not appreciate gamer attack complaints, and thus will not be delt with lightly.

Firewall software, antivirus, and spyware tools may be used to block out those unwanted threats, demo's and freeware are available from our local site. Network Structure Your UTP point, and DHCP Address connects you to the rest of the games at the event.

Wireless Access Points: There are NO Wireless Access points directly connected, as entry points to our network.

3G DATA and Cellular Services : The standard celullar networks are available, nothing else as been officially setup.

Port Blocking: Port Blocking on the switch's is not done, thus to keep gaming servers available throughout the entire network.

LAN Card Settings: Your LAN IP Settings need to be on DHCP, and all address's need to be set to Automatic. This is in order for you to connect to the rest of the servers. This will also give you the option to connect to Online Internet Gaming Servers. IP Address Ranges DHCP Available, Remove all your ip address's in your network settings.  Please allow some time for the DNS and Wins to sync before complaining you cannot see the network.

Troubleshooting: If you still cannot see the rest of the network, check your network software, e.g AntiVirus, Firewalls or any other software that might prevent you from connecting. Also make sure your Operating System is well patch'd with the latest Microsoft patch's as virus's can also prevent you from connecting. Patch's are available from our local site.

Windows Shares: Windows Shareing Shareing of files / folders is permitted, but not advised, however if you do, make sure you share with a user name and password. We do not take liability for your silly actions for leaving open shares causing slow, infected pc's, aggravation, and the dizziness there off. Please be aware, Open Shares with Full or Write access will allow virus's eg, Trojans / Autorun's, to evade your pc! Try not to be a statistic. If you are not sure how to share correctly please contact one of the VC Tech Support Crew from the Admin Area to assist you with sharing items safely. From the forums "They say they are "buying some fancy new kit for lan - think fibre optic" in 06.2010 NAG. Whats that all about? " The backbone of the switches will be linked up by fiber optic cables. This means that there will be less likelihood of interference as well as expanded bandwidth between the core switches. This does not affect you directly in terms of equipment, it should however have a positive impact on the performance of the network.

Question... “I saw that there were 16port 10/100 desktop swithes with no gigabit uplink, so if you take the 15 available ports for people to use, and the 1 uplink port. The 15 people need to all run through the one 10/100 port, and if all the people are downloading, its no supprise that my DotA was very laggy. 15 people divided by 10MEGS is simply not enough bandwidth.”

Reply... There were no switches used without gigabit uplinks. I am not aware of lagging on the network. Do keep in mind that if you host a game while leeching or being leeched to death you might experience less than ideal performance. So will the people that join your game. If you feel a game is lagging, try a different server and ensure your PC is not grinding to a halt due to other factors such as leeching or anti virus. If you feel that the network is indeed lagging, speak to one of the VC guys/gals and we will look into it.

Question... “Are we going to see a decent network layout like other large lans in JHB, that are already using FIBRE backbone, not to mention gigabit network ports for everyone?”

Reply... I am sure we can discuss your informed insight into decent, but lets stick to the easier questions. No game that I am aware of requires more than 1M to be played. 100M in my opinion is thus more than sufficient for any game. Also keep in mind that the backbone requirement for Gigabit links to each table for more than 2000 gamers ensuring lagfree gaming and ample leeching bandwidth, is more than most companies have available for lending to rAge for gaming. In addition, you should notice while copying on your Gigabit connection that you very seldom use more than 20% due to your hardware being the bottleneck. Thus 100M it will remain for now.

Question... “In an unrelated question, will there be a DC++ server running? “

Reply... Not officially. Lots of good reasons why it should, still not officially. Question... “An internet pipe should be available whereby players can purchase cap to have Internet access for their IP address/and/or UID and pwd.” Reply... Yes there is a pretty decent internet connection available, if your PC network is DHCP, it will be automatically connected, however the Firewall will only be made available for certain Games that require internet game play. Port 80 and 443 (browsing will Not be made available.

Question... “Is the dome a 3G/HSDPA area so we can connect to the internet from our cellphones?”

Reply... The Dome is a hotspot and you can read up on their service on their website. This service is however not free and we are not in control of these services, so we cannot guarantee anything.

Question... “And lastly, will there be GigaLan specific hubs for those who can support it, or will we be limited to 100mbts?”

Reply... rAge is mostly past the hubs stage. The switches will only be 100 since no games require more bandwidth. The uplinks to the backbone are Gigabit

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